Neck Pain Treatment in Houston and Sugar Land, TX

Neck Pain Treatment Questions and Answers

Are you looking for an experienced neck pain specialist who can help you relieve your pain? Look no further than Modern Pain Management. We have experienced pain management doctors who provide a variety of treatment options for neck pain. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Houston TX, Sugar Land TX, Pearland TX, Jersey Village TX, Missouri City TX, Stafford TX, and Richmond TX.

Neck Pain Treatment Near Me in Houston and Sugar Land, TX
Neck Pain Treatment Near Me in Houston and Sugar Land, TX

Many people suffer from neck pain, with many cases being chronic ones. If you’re suffering from this kind of pain, then you’ll find lasting solutions here at Modern Pain Management where pain relief is our practice. Contact us today for long-lasting neck pain treatment in Houston, TX and Sugar Land, TX!

What kind of doctor treats neck pain?

Sometimes a primary care physician can help with neck pain, but they will likely refer a patient to a specialist like a pain management specialist. This type of professional is uniquely qualified to handle acute or chronic neck pain. It’s possible that an orthopedist will be able to help you, but a pain management specialist may be able to do more for you and can refer you to an orthopedist if necessary.

With a pain management specialist, you’ll be getting professional diagnosis and treatment for your pain. Your specialist will be able to help you with general, acute, or chronic pain and provide any of a number of services for relief.

Will chronic neck pain go away?

Chronic pain, by definition, is pain that has been continuing for over 6 weeks. Sometimes this pain can go away by itself, but this depends on the underlying condition causing the pain. Other times the pain doesn’t go away at all and needs professional treatment. Proper treatment can bring relief much more quickly or at least minimize the pain a great deal. If you’re suffering from neck pain, call our clinic to learn more about it and how we can help.

What are the treatments for neck pain?

Here at Modern Pain Management, we’ll do everything we can to mitigate, manage, or eliminate your neck pain. We offer many solutions for neck pain, like:

  • Trigger point injections – These treat painful areas of muscle that have trigger points, or knots of muscle.
  • Occipital nerve blocks – For the treatment of headaches, as well as pain in the neck and back of the head which is often caused by inflamed or injured occipital nerves.
  • Cervical facet/medial branch injections – For pain arising from facet joints in the spine; often neck pain is a symptom.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – A minimally invasive treatment to target the nerves that transmit pain signals; we provide the proven method of COOLIEF radiofrequency ablation at our clinic.
  • Botox therapy – This will help your muscles relax and can significantly reduce chronic neck pain when done along with physical therapy.
  • Osteopathic manipulative treatment – A number of hands-on techniques (muscle and joint movements and manipulations) that can diagnose, treat, and prevent neck pain.
  • Spinal cord stimulator – An implanted device that provides regular electrical spinal cord stimulation for neck pain relief.
  • Intrathecal pain pump – Another implant which delivers pain medicine to relieve chronic pain in the neck or back.

Do you offer neck pain treatment in Houston, TX and Sugar Land, TX?

We do, yes! We have a pain management clinic in each area at 902 Frostwood Drive, Suite 235, Houston, TX 77024, and at 12930 Dairy Ashford Rd, Units 501-504, Sugar Land, Texas 77498. You’re very welcome to reach out to us today to learn more about our clinics and our treatments, or to book a consultation with us.

If you’re suffering from neck pain, don’t hesitate to call us today to inquire about how we can help here at Modern Pain Management. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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