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Hand/Wrist Pain Specialist

Hand/Wrist Pain Specialist in Houston, and Sugar Land, TX

Many Americans deal with hand and/or wrist pain that can occur due to a number of issues or conditions like swollen fingers, difficulty gripping objects, numbness in the hand, or redness around the wrist. If you are dealing with pain in your hand or wrist, contact Modern Pain Management to book a consultation appointment with Dr. George Atallah, DO., to get the correct help. We have convenient locations to serve you in Houston and Sugar Land TX.

Hand/Wrist Pain Near Me in Houston, and Sugar Land, TX
Hand/Wrist Pain Near Me in Houston, and Sugar Land, TX

Table of Contents:

What causes pain in the hands and wrists?
How do I know if my wrist pain is serious?
What does hand pain indicate?
What are the signs of nerve damage in your hand?

What causes pain in the hands and wrists?

Let’s start off with the hands, they are some of the most used limbs with very complex and delicate structures that contain 27 different-sized bones. The muscles and joints that connect the bones allow for strong, precise, and agile movements; however, hands are also quite vulnerable to injury.
There are a few different causes and types of hand pain that can occur. Hand pain can originate within different areas of the hands, like in the joints, bones, tendons, nerves, and connective tissues.
Often, we see much of our patient’s hand pain stem from:
• Inflammation
• Nerve damage
• Fractures and sprains
• Repetitive motion injuries
• Chronic health conditions
With hand pain comes wrist pain, it can also be affected when the hand becomes hurt, or it can also have similar causes for what pain the hand may be going through when it comes to specific conditions.
The many causes may include:
• Arthritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
• Ganglion cysts
• Gout
• Lupus
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Raynaud’s phenomenon
• Stenosing tenosynovitis
• Traumatic injury

How do I know if my wrist pain is serious?

If you are going through any of the following, your wrist pain may be serious, and it is important to contact Modern Pain Management for an appointment if:
• Your wrist pain is now interfering with your everyday activities
• You start to feel tingling and numbness which has become worse, and there is little to no feeling in your fingers and/or hand
• Any simple hand movements are no longer a possibility
• Weakness can make holding things quite difficult
If you start to notice complications of wrist pain like the decreased ability to carry through any activities like gripping objects and using a keyboard, to weakness and pain, contact our clinic immediately.

What does hand pain indicate?

Hand pain can indicate many different issues from traumatic injury to arthritis to other issues.
• Arthritis

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness in one or more of your hand’s joints. The most common symptoms of arthritis pain are stiffness and joint pain which begins to worsen with age.
• Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is due to pressure being put onto the median nerve. A Carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway that is surrounded by ligaments and bones on the palm side of the hand. Once the median nerve becomes compressed, the symptoms of carpal tunnel will make themselves aware by going numb, tingling sensations, and weakness within the affected hand and arm.
• De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

This painful condition affects the tendons within the thumb’s side of the wrist. You will often feel a lot of pain when you try to turn your wrist, make a fist, or try to grasp anything.
• Ganglion cysts

Ganglion cysts are lumps that commonly develop within the wrist. They tend to be oval or round and are filled with a jelly-like fluid texture.
• Gout

Gout is another form of inflammatory arthritis; it is one of the most common forms of arthritis and is quite painful. It will affect one joint at a time usually, and there are times when the symptoms may become worse, this is known as flares.
• Lupus

Lupus is a disease that is known as the immune system attacking the body’s tissues and organs. Inflammation can be caused by lupus which can target different body systems like the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, heart, blood cells, and lungs.
• Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is due to any damage done to the nerves which are located outside of the brain and spinal cord, often this can cause weakness, pain, and numbness, often occurring within the hands and feet.
• Raynaud’s phenomenon

Raynaud’s phenomenon is an issue that causes decreased blood flow to the fingers. This occurs due to spasms of blood vessels within the area. Often the spasms are due to a response to stress, cold, or emotional upset.
• Stenosing tenosynovitis

Stenosing tenosynovitis is also known as trigger finger, which is inflammation that narrows the space within the sheath and surrounds the tendon within the affected finger. If the trigger finger becomes severe, the finger can lock into a bent position.
• Traumatic injury

A traumatic injury refers to a physical injury that suddenly occurs and causes severe injury that will need immediate medical attention.

What are the signs of nerve damage in your hand?

The very noticeable signs of nerve damage that will warn you to visit a doctor as soon as possible are:
• Tingling or numbness within the hands
• The sensation of wearing a sock or tight glove
• Muscle weakness, particularly within the arms or legs
• Regularly dropping something that you may be holding
• Sharp pains in the arms, legs, feet, or hands
• The buzzing sensation that feels like an electric shock
We have convenient locations to serve you in Houston, TX, and Sugar Land, TX. Contact us for more information, or book your appointment online. We serve patients from Houston TX, Sugar Land TX, Pearland TX, Jersey Village TX, Missouri City TX, Stafford TX, and Richmond TX.

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