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Headaches, Migraines and Facial Pain Treatment

Headaches, Migraines, and Facial Pain Treatment Q&A

People suffering from headaches, migraines, and facial pain may find the relief they need with Modern Pain Management. We offer a number of easy interventional treatments and more. For more information, please contact us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Houston TX, Sugar Land TX, Pearland TX, Jersey Village TX, Missouri City TX, Stafford TX, and Richmond TX.

Headaches, Migraines and Facial Pain Treatment Questions and Answers
Headaches, Migraines and Facial Pain Treatment Questions and Answers

Table of Contents:

What are the different kinds of headaches and facial pain?
How are headaches and facial pain treated?
Do you offer headache, migraine, and facial pain treatments in Houston, TX or Sugar Land, TX?

Sometimes headaches are more than just headaches. They can be recurring or migraines, or sometimes it’s facial pain that causes the most discomfort. When the pain becomes significant or chronic, professional treatment becomes necessary, and this is what we offer here at Modern Pain Management. For treatment in Houston TX or Sugar Land TX, reach out to us today!

What are the different kinds of headaches and facial pain?

There are lots of different kinds of headaches and facial pain, and lots of possible causes. The symptoms can vary too. Generally, there are two categories for headaches: primary and secondary. Primary headaches can occur on their own, while secondary ones are caused by another issue like trauma. Some of the different kinds of headaches and facial pain are:

Migraines, which can be episodic or chronic, causing severe throbbing pain
Tension headaches, which are brought on by stress and muscle tension
Cluster headaches, which are severe and occur in groups
Trigeminal neuralgia, which is an intense burst of facial pain on one side of the jaw or cheek
• Post-traumatic headaches that develop after an injury
• Thunderclap headaches that can be severe and a sign of an aneurysm or hemorrhagic stroke
• Stabbing headaches that can cause intense pain
• And others

How are headaches and facial pain treated?

Treatment depends on the particular type of headache or pain you have. Sometimes dietary changes can help with mild headaches, but other times and with more serious pain, medications or interventional techniques are necessary. At Modern Pain Management, we provide a number of solutions:

• Occipital nerve block – A procedure for chronic migraines and headaches; it involves injecting pain-relieving medication and steroids into the occipital nerves.
• Botox injections – Shots of Botox to dull or prevent migraine headaches. 30 to 40 shots may be necessary but provide significant relief.
Trigeminal nerve block – A kind of therapeutic pain block that involves the injection of a local anesthetic into the trigeminal nerve (a nerve that carries sensation from the face to the brain).
• Sphenopalatine nerve block – Another kind of nerve block that may help with acute migraine headaches, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, and other conditions.
• Cervical facet/medial branch injections – For pain arising from facet joints in the spine; facial pain may be a symptom.
• Radiofrequency ablation – A minimally invasive treatment that targets the nerves that transmit pain signals.
• Supraorbital nerve blocks – These can provide immediate anesthesia for injuries like lacerations, or offer pain relief from conditions like shingles.
• Supratrochlear nerve blocks – One of these can be done in conjunction with the supraorbital nerve block for anesthesia over the ipsilateral forehead.
• Infraorbital nerve block – This is used for regional anesthesia of the face. Sometimes this block can be used for children.
• TMJ injections – Often, corticosteroid injections will help patients suffering from headaches or facial pain due to a TMJ problem or disorder.
• Botox therapy for TMJ – Botox injections are safe and often effective as TMJ injections. They can relieve jaw tension and pain, and/or eliminate headaches that result from teeth grinding. They can even help patients with lockjaw.
• Osteopathic manipulative treatment – Hands-on techniques (muscle and joint movements and manipulations) for the diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention of headaches/facial pain.

Do you offer headache, migraine, and facial pain treatments in Houston, TX, or Sugar Land, TX?

Yes, we do! We have two clinics at 902 Frostwood Drive, Suite 235, Houston, TX 77024, and at 12930 Dairy Ashford Rd, Units 501-504, Sugar Land, Texas 77498. You are more than welcome to reach out to us to learn more about your pain and how we can treat it here at Modern Pain Management. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for quick, effective pain relief.

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